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Maternity Services

Our expert team comprising the Gambia's top Obstetricians/Gynaecologists, experienced midwives and care team are trained to make pregnancy and childbirth a safe, exciting and memorable experience for pregnant women.


 Antenatal Services

Our latest imaging equipment ensure that your pregnancy is monitored regularly for a healthy baby.

As well as routine antenatal services, we offer antenatal classes for couples and pre-natal pampering, among other attractive offers.

We also provide advice on the different family planning methods offered at our clinic to promote birth spacing. A Nurses' Station overlooks the maternity unit, with qualified midwives and nurses always at hand.


 Delivery Services


Well-equipped for safe delivery, our labour rooms are comfortable for both mother and newborn.

We promote patient centred care - we offer both consultant-led or mid-wife delivery. You can also have the option of requesting the presence of a paediatrician at your delivery. We encourage your partner to be present during your delivery.

We offer anaesthesia - epidural is among the host of support we provide to pregnant women to ease delivery.


 Postnatal Services


Overseen by a Nurses' Station, our postnatal ward and private rooms provide the comfort you will need for both you and your newborn. Our Baby Resuscitation Room is right next door in case of complications for timely action.

As part of our postnatal services, we provide:

For the parents 
  • full postnatal care, including family planning and counselling for new parents postnatal
  • pampering for new mothers
For infants
  • full review of your infant by the attending doctor/paediatrician before discharging
  • immunization services
For both the parents and infant
  • Our 'My First Picture' package to help new mothers start a collection of visual memories of their babies