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Who We Are


We are a national non-governmental and non-profit organization based in The Gambia. Our Social and Economic Empowerment program aims to complement the government’s development efforts and contribute to the attainment of related sustainable development goals (SDGs). It is financed and sustained by income from grant and donation supported actions as well as funds generated from BAFROW interventions. Our focus is on three major interrelated areas: health, economic and social empowerment, and environmental issues.


Our projects

Our program operates at both policy and community levels and has the following projects:

1. Health promotion and health care service delivery through BAFRFOW Medical Centre

2. Social  and  Economic empowerment of women and communities

3. Gender and Environment

4. Campaign against female genital mutilation and all other harmful traditional practices

5. Prevention and management of HIV and AIDS

6. Fistula Treatment, Rehabilitation and Re-integration

Using a multi-dimensional and multi-sectoral approach, our projects are designed in the context of civic empowerment, people's participation and ownership for sustainability.


They focus on equipping young adults and women with knowledge and skills for sustainable self-advancement and active contribution to the development of their families, their communities and the nation.